Saturday, January 21, 2012

Life is full of surprises!

Mike and I had a lovely Christmas. We enjoyed so much spending time with our precious family. Is there anything nicer? After things settled down, we even slipped away to Ruidosa for a little winter fun with our bbf's

Laynce and Leslie Nix. It was a blast!

School started too quick and things have been non stop ever since! Between Coaching Clinics,the

football banquet(the best yet),

our 35th wedding anniversary,

Clint's, Emme's Jenny's, Mike's, Beth and Kim's birthdays, finally unpacking the garage,hanging a wall of art

at Home Again,

and my short list of New Years resolutions, January has been full; but life is always enjoyable when we live it in the peace of His presence. Trusting Him and His good plans for us.

Speaking of good plans, we are so grateful for the blessing of our children and our growing family. Our cup runneth over as God's perfect love for each of them brim's the rim of our full hearts. Out of His unconditional love He has given us so much. Even sweeter knowing we did nothing to deserve it.

Kimberly, has brought of a huge and coloful bouquet of joy to us this month.

She will be a 'castaway' on the upcoming episode of Survivor...season 24. Though we dont know much about her time as a castaway. I do know this, God kept her on my heart and mind throughout her adventure. He helped me to turn my fears into prayers of praise. The result was His peace. A lovely gift to a mother when her precious child is far away. Prayer was our communication line. The Holy Spirit of God interceeding on our behalf. Strenghtening, communicating, protecting and comforting us both at the same time. It was a treasured time. She experienced His presence and power in a very real way. She loved it!

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