Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Jesus Calling

Jesus is calling us always. Drawing us closer to God because really....we can't do much of anything without Him. Let's face it. If it weren't for Him, we wouldn't be here. Period.

MY dear friend Mary, gave me a sweet little daily devotional last Christmas called Jesus Calling. It was written by Sarah Young. It is in no form or fashion a substitute for the Word of God, but It has helped me to listen and hear my precious Jesus, calling me.

I just read and wanted to share what Sarah Young heard Jesus speak to her soul:

December 7

I AM WITH YOU IN ALL THAT YOU DO, even in the most menial task. I am always aware of you, concerned with every detail of your life. Nothing escapes My notice - not even the number of hairs on your head. However your awareness of My Presence falters and flickers; as a result, your life experience feels fragmented. When your focus is broad enough to include me in your thoughts, you feel safe and complete. When your preception narrows so that problems or details fill your consciousness, you feel empty and incomplete.

Learn to look steadily at Me in all of your moments and all your circumstances. Though the world is unstable and in flux, you can experience continuity through your uninterupted awareness of My Presence. Fix your gaze on what is unseen, even as the visiable world parades before your eyes.

Matthew 10:29-31; Hebrews 11:27; 2 Corinthians 4:18


Lord, thank you for always being with me...never leaving or forsaking me. Thank you for loving me, for wanting me to fellowship with you. I love your Presence. I thrill in the joy of your Presence! Thank you for helping me to focus on you, and you alone. Open my the ears of my heart that I might hear your voice. I need you. I love you. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Going Steady - part one

I'm out on the porch, watching it rain and wondering how to start this new blog. Though I'm not entirely sure myself, I do know Porch Coffee will be about life, it's experiences and relationships. But most of all it will be about God's goodness and how that looks as it filters down through the above. My life has been long and full. I want to make a difference. I want to share what I have learned. I have absolutely no idea who will read all of this but nevertheless I feel led by the One whose lead I have learned to follow. So where do I begin'? At the beginning, not to the very beginning but back to junior high, where I met Coach. It all started in Coach Aklin's History Class. The class was busy working on an assignment when I heard Coach Aklin say, "Sprad, will you take this to Coach Hester's class"? I watched a tall, clean cut guy stand up, take a folded note and walk out of the room. I asked my friend Debbi, sitting next to me, "Who is that?" and she replied, " Mike Spradlin". I thought he was SO cute! Debbi said he was in her math class and offered to tell him so?" I liked the idea. A few days later as I was leaving the classroom, Mike was leaning against the wall and said, "I heard you like me and I'd like to get to know you better...You want to go steady"? I shook my head yes. He quickly opened his notebook, unzipped his pencil bag and handed me his I.D. bracelet. It had the word 'Mike' engraved on it.

To be continued.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Best friends.

I often tell my best friend Leslie, usually with tears rolling down my cheeks, that I consider her friendship one of God's sweetest gifts. Together, we have experienced marriage, childbirth, breastfeeding, potty training, loving and discipling our three kids each, from toddlers to teens. Together we have laughed, cried, walked and talked. We have cooked, decorated, painted and planted. We have traveled and vacationed from sea to shining sea and never once have we gotten tired tired of each other. We have encouraged each other along life's path. Sharing and discussing every imaginableble subject. Learning how to be a good wife, mother and friend.

Together we have weathered many a storm, and learned life changing lessons in the midst. We as well, have celebrated countless victories and witnessed hundreds of tiny miracles. Our friendship, is a treasure. Increasing in value. Irreplaceable. Priceless. Clearly designed by God, who in fact, has always been right there in the big fat middle of us. He has loved us, held us and laughed with us. He has showed us how to live by the truth of His word, by the power of His Holy Spirit and how to forgive by the life, death and resurrection of His only son, Jesus Christ. It's been quite a party. A party of best friends! Not always fun, but always good. Perhaps a glimpse of eternity...a bit of heaven on earth. Definitely something to be thankful for and grateful for the future. Because deep down in our souls, we know without doubt, that His best is yet to come.